South Dakota opener

South Dakota opener

In need of photos!

To all my tumblr friends! I am in need of certain photos for my senior show.  I am creating a guiding company and making some designs for certain types of hunts.  This is a completely made up company and will only be seen in my school’s art gallery and as a part of my portfolio.  To make my company look legit I need photos of people with their kill. The types of photos I need are:

  • Black bear
  • Whitetail deer
  • Grouse
  • Pheasant
  • Duck  (The company is out of Northern Minnesota, so I need animals that are actually native to the area)

I would appreciate it much if you guys could help me out :) Just be sure to send me your own photos and not someone else.  I don’t want to steal someone’s photo…that’s not fair to them! Or if you know anyone I could contact about getting these types of photos that would be great.

Please send me a message on here if you want any more information and if you have a photo(s) I could use. Thank you!

Latest design…Tag for a hunting vest and a box for shotgun shells.

Made em with the pheasant I shot!

Made em with the pheasant I shot!